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YTO GROUP carries its “green” product to AGRITECHNICA

AGRITECHNICA is the world’s largest farm machinery show held in Hanover, Germany, as well as the largest professional, international exhibition for farm machinery and equipment.
On Nov. 12 to 18th, AGRITECHNICA was held in Hanover exhibition Center, Germany. YTO GROUP exhibited its YTO-LF2204 , the powershift product of China Tier 4 standard of highest level of YTO GROUP, together with many other domestic products on the show.
The theme of this year is “green future, smart technology”, is to reflect the highlights of innovation of hi-tech modern agriculture and modernized working environment of farmers.
The expo has attracted more than 2800 enterprises of 53 countries, of which China enterprises up to 111, China is the third largest country of exhibitors after Germany and Italy. According to information of DLG, all international well known brands are gathering here at Agritechnica 2017, the expo has eye-catching events every day.
YTO-LF2204 powershift tractor of China Tier 4 standard, with independent intellectual property rights, power train and power shuttle from YTO FRANCE SAS, can satisfy stringent and complicated operation requirements. The model is the power-shift tractor with maximum power in current China technology, works well with YTO-6K China Tier 4 engine, up to the leading standards of the world, as well as the European standards in core technology.
All professional and industrial media have dispatched powerful reporters’ team to the expo to report the situation of Chinese exhibitors. The Farmers Daily published the news about YTO GROUP in special column about the expo:
According to the journalists, many visitors step on YTO tractor cab to get the real experience of YTO-LF2204.
Some responsible leader presented introduction about LF2204 powershift tractor, the engine is developed together with European suppliers, Beidou GPS, 48 forward 41 backward in total, full electronic control in 4WD systems.
The tractor employs the powertrain and power shuttle transmission from YTO FRANCE SAS, satisfying the much more complicated operation requirements, the scientific integration between powertrain and power shuttle has brought comfortable operation experience for the operators, improves the production operation efficiency, as well as greatly reduced the fuel consumption by 30%, the tractor can satisfy the technological needs of European markets only after simple post-treatment.
As the leader of China farm machinery, YTO GROUP is the exclusive enterprise in China that owns core power-shift technology, with complete independent intellectual property rights, stay ahead of the industry for years and re-establish the latest technology platform of China farm machinery industry, as well as a serial strategic preparation guiding the transformation of China farm machinery and its upgrading.
Before the opening of the 19th National People’s Congress, YTO product is showcased in the largest achievements exhibition entitled “5 Years of Great Endeavor” held in Beijing, YTO-LW4004 heavy duty tractor is the first prototype CVT tractor developed on our own, its emergence has concluded the history of China’s reliance on import of heavy duty tractors above 350 hp. The tractor has broken the record in the traditional CVT powertrain, intelligent control management system and other core technology for heavy duty tractors, it has filled the blanks in many domestic technologies, can undertake deep tillage, subsoiling, combined soil preparation and other heavy duty applications, which has satisfy the demands of precision and segmented agriculture, and the industrial technological development is promoted, which has fully demonstrated the strength of YTO GROUP in China farm machinery manufacturing.

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