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“YTO Cup” China University Students Smart Farm Machinery Innovation Contest is taking place

Nov. 25 to 26, 2017, “YTO Cup” China University and College Students Smart Farm Machinery Innovation Competition was taking place in South-West University, Chongqing, jointly held by China Farm Machinery Society together with relevant institutions as organized by South-West University.
The opening ceremony was chaired by Li Guanglin, President of Engineering Technical College, South West University, those who were present to the opening ceremony are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Mr. Luo Xiwen, Chen Xuegeng, Xiang Zhonghuai, Yang Huayong, Mr. Fu Zetian, Director of Agricultural Engineering Professional Teaching Committee of Higher Education of Ministry of Education, Liu Xiaowei, Director of Production Management Division, Agricultural Mechanization Management Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Qin Dachun, Deputy Director of Agricultural Committee, Chongqing, Mao Hanping, Executive Director of Agricultural Equipment Deputy Dean, Executive Director of Jiangsu Provincial Modern Farm Machinery and Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, Zhu Weijiang, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC YTO Branch, Vice President of First Tractor Co. Ltd., Mr. Zhang Xiansheng, Secretary General of China Agricultural Machinery Society.  
As the crowner unit of the contest, Zhu Weijiang on behalf of YTO GROUP was interviewed by reporters of Chongqing TV Station, Chongqing Morning News.
When talking about the purpose for YTO GROUP of the title sponsorship, Zhu weijiang said, “YTO Cup” Crowner China University Students Smart Agricultural Equipment Innovation Contest, is to encourage more students to integrate learning and application, utilize theory into real practice, make continuous innovation, so that a wider potential can be developed for future farm machinery smart intelligentization, as well as the intelligentization for agricultural services.
Regarding the evolution in precise agriculture, Zhu Weijiang said, “YTO brand has experienced more than 60 years’ development, 3.5 million YTO tractors, 2.6 million YTO engines have been delivered throughout China. YTO GROUP commits itself in being the provider of complete farm machinery, the Practitioner of the Full-course Mechanization Program, leader of industrial, technical and product innovation, we have been making unremitting efforts in smart farm machinery and precise agriculture exploration and implementation. In October 2017, ‘Agricerebra Precision Agriculture Platform’ was officially declared. YTO GROUP plans to access the data for agriculture in full industrial chain via this platform, like cloud calculation and big data processing, let it make the most rational, most economic, most efficient implementation decisions on agricultural services like the human cerebra. In the future, ‘agricerebra precision agriculture platform’ will further promote the development of China precision and intelligent agriculture together with myriads of YTO smart products.”
More than 2400 students from 54 universities and colleges participated the contest, 563 pieces of works came into the finals, 30 Special Prize, 69 First Prizes, 124 Second Prizes, 30 Excellent Prizes, 10 fair Prizes were elected at the contest after fierce elimination.
Media e.g. China Education Net, Chongqing TV Station, Hualong Net and Chongqing Morning News report this contest.

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