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Last Block Train to Central Asia in 2017 Departed from YTO Classification Yard

Dec. 30, 2017, the No.3 Container Block Train Luoyang- Central Asia departed from YTO railway classification yard for containers (namely Luoyang Landport Multi-mode Logistic Center), to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. This is the last block train to Central Asia of Luoyang Land Port Multi-mode Logistic Center in 2017.
According to introduction, this block train is the No.3 container block train of Luoyang Land Port Multi-mode Logistic Center after it is open for operation, as well as the last block train to Central Asia. The destination countries for the block train is only Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, range nearly 4000 km. it is fully loaded with export goods produced by Luoyang, by Henan Province and neighboring provinces, incl. wooden floor, glass, mowers, concrete mixers, crushers, paper making machines in total of 44 wagons. Since Dec. 24, 2017, these cargoes will arrive in succession on site, the unloading, weighing, open-packaging, reloading were all completed at the yard. On morning Dec. 30, a total of 44 wagons have been numbered and departed. It is estimated the block train will leave China border at Alataw Pass in 6 days.

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